Monday, 9 July 2012

Mani Monday: Inverted Daisies

Well hello, hello…fancy seeing you here again!

So I decided to jump in this fabulous Monday and try out the inverted manicure but with a twist and added some cute as pie daisies and swopped the colours on an accent nail.


I used Sally Hansen Instant Strength x1 coat as a base coat, Revlon in White on White x2 coats, Colours Extreme Nail Colour in Matte Sunshine Sky x2 coats, Essence Colour & Go in Wanna be your Sunshine and Essence Nail Art Stampy Polish in Stamp me! Silver for the daisies nail art and Essence Gel Look Topcoat.

You will need:
  • Your pretty set of hands
  • Base coat nail polish
  • Two alternating base nail polish colours (I chose a bluey-indigo and white polishes)
  • Two contrasting nail polish colours for the daisy nail art (I chose silver and yellow)
  • Top coat nail polish
  • A toothpick / orangewood stick / dotting tool
  • File reinforcements


1) Paint base coat nail polish and wait for it to dry completely

2) On the nails where I wanted the white nail polish to show through in the half moon shape…I needed the white to be the base colour and vice versa where I wanted the indigo colour to show through in the half moon shape


3) Paint on one coat of the white nail polish on your nails excluding the nail you want to use as an accent nail. Paint on one coat of the indigo nail polish on the accent nail. Wait for both to dry completely, then proceed to paint on a second coat until the nail polish is sufficiently solid and is fully opaque


4) Now carefully place a reinforcement sticker on all your nails so that the curve of the sticker follows a half moon shape at the top of your nail

5) Paint on a coat of the indigo polish now on your nails with the white base colour polish and on your accent nail, paint on white nail polish…remember the reinforcement sticker will keep in tact the half moon shape underneath the nail polish

6) Carefully remove each reinforcement sticker from each nail, you can do this immediately after the top colour nail polish has been applied (which I prefer as I find it leaves a cleaner line) or you can wait for all your nails to dry completely and then carefully remove the reinforcement stickers, do what works for you!


7) Complete steps 5-6 on all nails, as you can see above I started working on the daisies immediately as well…I was just careful not to smudge the freshly applied indigo nail polish

8) Practice the daisies on a piece of paper first before attempting it on your nail…it will be such a waste to restart if you do a wonky daisy that you aren’t happy with! 


9) To make the daisy I simply used a toothpick and dolloped a bit of the yellow and silver nail polish on a piece of paper. I then dipped the toothpick in the yellow nail polish and made a dot for the centre of the flower…I had to make sure I picked up enough nail polish to get the yellow dot to be wide enough and dark enough. I then repeated this process for the silver petals, by placing four or five of the silver dots in a circular design around the central yellow dot. Try dragging the silver dot of polish a little bit when you are placing it as this little drag will make the silver dot resemble more of a petal shape. I’m still perfecting this!


10) Continue with step 9 until all fingers are done, I swopped the colours for the daisies on the accent finger…and used the silver nail polish for the centre and the yellow for the petals…just a small fun change up.

11) Wait for nail polish to dry completely and then apply a top coat

12) Check out your mani, sheesh, look at you go…mad skills is not the word :)

13) I’m so stoked that even though it’s the middle of winter in South Africa I can still rock some fresh summer nails because on the east coast we are blessed with incredible summer weather in the middle of winter!  

14) This mani totally makes me want to sit in a sunny spot, daydreaming away while humming some Natasha Bedingfield…I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine…the sun is on my side and takes me for a ride I smile up to the sky, I know I'll be alright…la…la…la!

What’s your favourite summer/winter mani ?

 I will also be joining the ladies over at The Nail Files for the first time!

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  1. Cute Mani Renee! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend! You should consider getting a bloglovin so I can follow your blog everyday! :)


    1. Evani, thanks so much! I actually have a bloglovin account I'm working on getting a bloglovin button up on my blog soon though so it's easier to follow. I've just dropped by bloglovin and am following you on there now as well :)

  2. These are so pretty!! So creative, and they came out beautifully!!

    1. Thanks so much Amy! When creativity strikes...just go with it! Luckily this one worked out well haha! Loving your manis on your blog, beautiful!

  3. I would never have thought to do this, but its so cute! A little tip to make it easier to clean up: if you start painting your nails by starting in the middle of the nail, and then pushing the paint towards your cuticles, you are less likely to get it on your cuticles! Less clean up at the end :)

    1. Thanks so much Fran! You know I do actually paint my nails like what you described (if it looks any different in the pics it's cos I've got self timer on and am posing haha) but I always get nail polish on my cuticles every time! I think it's mainly 'cos I don't like leaving that slight bit of nail bare without nail polish near the cuticles...just preference...but alas it always lands me getting nail polish everywhere haha! Thanks for the tip though, I'm gonna make more of an effort in the future! I totally wish for less clean up at the end, I usually sit with a nail art brush and nail polish remover for ages cleaning up! Sigh!

  4. It seems you really love to polish your nails I could tell, by the last 2 posts! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, check my newest post!
    xoxo Dia!

    1. Thanks Dia, yeah I do...a healthy hobby! Not so good on purse strings when nail polish is on sale though haha!

  5. Girl you got some mad skills! :) Love the daisies! My favourite summer mani is anything in coral, such a pretty colour! My imagination isn't as good as yours but i'm sure you could do something adventurous with it ;)

    1. Sonal! Haha thanks chica! I try...but dudette I don't have half as much talent in my pinky finger as do some other ladies out there! Amazing! Ahh coral, that is my fav colour for summer as well! How can anyone not love coral ?! Hope you are having a blast on your travels right now!

  6. These are SO cute! I will have to give this a try!

    1. Ahh thanks so much!! Would love to know how it goes when you try it! :)

  7. Beautiful nails :) I'm following you now :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the follow! Just checked out your blog, it's so cute! So glad you liked this mani! :)