Monday, 2 July 2012

Mani Monday: Classic French Manicure

Good morning my pretties!

So this fabulous Monday, I decided to go with something classy, elegant and simple. The go-to mani in my books, the french manicure. Sometimes you just need some good old fashioned simplistic elegance to look and feel fabulous :)

I used Sally Hansen Instant Strength as a base coat x1 coat, Revlon White on White x1 coat, Essence French Glam in Rose French and Essence Gel-Look Topcoat x1 coat.


You will need:
  • Your pretty set of hands
  • Base coat, white nail polish for tips, neutral colour nail polish for coat over white tips, topcoat nail polish
  • Sticky tape
  • Tweezers

1) Firstly, cut up 10 pieces of sticky tape and leave aside

2) Paint on base coat and wait for it to dry completely

3) Now work on one nail at a time by placing the sticky tape as desired on the nail to achieve whatever thickness you prefer for your white tips for a french manicure

4) Once you have stuck down the sticky tape to your satisfaction, paint on a layer of the white nail polish…not too thin that you will have to apply a second just want to have to apply only one coat for the white tips, otherwise I find the tip looks too bulky and risen in relation to the rest of the nail

5) As soon as you have finished painting the said nail, immediately remove the sticky tape from the nail by using the tweezers to help make it a smoother process. You are less likely to accidently smudge another nail if you use tweezers to help remove the sticky tape versus just using your fingers (but it’s up to you, whatever works…this is just what works best for me! I find removing the sticky tape immediately after painting the nails is best as it leaves a crisper and cleaner tip…whereas when I leave the nail polish to dry first and then remove the sticky tape I find the white nail polish on the tips tends to drag when removing the sticky tape and leaves an untidy line)

6) Repeat step 3-5 for every nail until all nails now have a white french tip and all the sticky tape should be removed from all nails as well

7) Wait for white french tips to dry completely


8) Apply top coat on all nails, wait for top coat to dry completely

9) You are good to go! Put on a beret and grab a baguette, some cheese and wine then find yourself a gloriously warm spot in the sun and totally pretend you are a classy french woman! C'est la vie!

10) Also play some Alors on Dans by Stromae on your iPod...gets you into the party mood on a Monday...meh...WHY NOT :)

My sister Nicky & I totally stoked to be in Paris at the Eiffel Tower!

What’s your go-to Mani ?

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  1. I love the way you photograph these!!

    1. Thanks so much Kate! Loved the pics of your 'lil cutie Zoey all in her 4th of July gear! :)

  2. Lovee french manicures! Always so sophisticated! :) Cute Paris pics!

    1. Sonal! I know right, I always think it looks classic and elegant! Thanks! Have you been to Paris ? xxx

    2. Only when I was teeny and very unsophisticated! hahaha must go again soon! :)

  3. French manicures are so classic 0 looks great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. A classic for sure! Love the pic of you & your sister :)

  5. Wow they came out perfectly, I need to try!


  6. in the times of crazy nail art, its so refreshing to see a classic french manicure :)

  7. As much as I LOVE French manicures, can you believe I have never had one myself?? I'm way too clumsy and I am almost certain I would smudge it as soon as I left the salon...which is why I usually stick to nudes/light shades of pink on my nails. Any chipping is far less noticeable ;)! I'm so impressed with how well you do your own nails!

  8. Lovely such an inspiration!
    thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me teh other day!
    Check my new post and have a great weekend.
    Take care!
    xoxo DIa!