Monday, 26 November 2012

Mani Monday: The Cheerfully Chevron Mani

G’day you beauties!

Today I wanted to showcase a mani I have been coveting for a while now, the chevron mani! This mani put me into a semi-festive mood as the jagged edges of the chevron design reminded me of an Elf outfit :)


I added a fun twist with a full chevron design on accent nails and chevron french tips! I used Revlon Nail Care Calcium Gel Nail Hardener x1 coat as a base coat, Essence in Viva La Green on the ring fingers as accent nails (x2 coats for nail art), Essence in Wake Up! x2 coats on the rest of the nails (x2 coats for nail art) and Essence Studio Nails Better than Gel Nails Top Sealer as a topcoat.

You will need:

  • Base coat nail polish
  • Base colour nail polish x 2 (I chose orange and dark mint)
  • White stickers
  • Zig-Zag Craft scissors
  • Normal scissors
  • Top coat nail polish


1) Apply base coat nail polish to all nails, wait for it to dry completely 

2) Apply x2 coats of dark mint nail polish to ring nails and x2 coats of orange nail polish to the remaining nails, wait for it to dry completely 


3) Using the zig-zag craft scissors, carefully cut thin strips from the white stickers…you will be left with thin zig-zag stripes of white stickers (you will be using this on the ring finger nails as the accent nails design)


4) Now take 4 pieces of the zig-zag white sticker stripes and stick it onto the back of the backing paper of the stickers (it will help keep the stickiness of the stickers). Once you have done this, paint x2 coats of orange nail polish onto the strips and wait for it to dry completely. Once dried, carefully remove the now ‘orange’ stickers from the backing paper…there may be some residue orange nail polish attached to the edges…carefully push/pull it off the sticker or trim it with a pair of scissors


5) Now take 2 of these orange zig-zag stripes and carefully stick it horizontally onto your ring finger, repeat on other hand. Gently press down on the sticker to ensure it is stuck down firmly. If the sticker is not sticking properly, you can apply another coat of dark mint nail polish and while the nail polish is still wet you can place the stickers onto the nail and gently but firmly press down, the wet nail polish will act as an adhesive and ensure that the stickers will stick and stay in place

6) Now to work on the nail art for the remaining nails, you will cut thicker zig-zag strips from the white stickers. I stuck with only using the end bits of the stickers…so I had one straight edge and one zig-zag edge


7) I carefully applied these stickers to my nails as if it was a french tip guide. Apply these stickers just above the tip of the nail, leaving the desired amount of nail which will be painted as the chevron french tips


8) Once applied, apply x2 coats of the dark mint nail polish ensuring that when the nail polish is applied you start painting on top of the white sticker and then onto the tip of the nail. This will ensure even distribution of the nail polish and will leave a neat finish when removing the stickers as the excess nail polish will be left on the white chevron french tip guide which you will discard


9) Wait for nail art to dry completely and apply top coat

10) You are done with your chevron mani! These bright, bold colours also work great for summer! 


What is on your summer must have/to do list ?
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  1. Great job! I've been wanting to do this mani as well but didn't know the best technique so thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Kimberlee! Glad I could help! Let me know if you try out a chevron mani, would love to see it! Thanks for stopping by! :)