Monday, 4 February 2013

Mani Monday: Floral Loving Mani

G’day my lovelies!

I have been lusting after the rose petal mani for a while now and I finally decided to pluck up the courage and attempt this cute floral design on my nails. I added a fun twist with index finger accent nails paired with roses french tips. I love the results!


I used Revlon Nail Care Calcium Gel Nail Hardener as a basecoat, Revlon Scented Nail Polish in Apricot Peachy x5 coats (unfortunately it needs so many coats to build up opacity but I love the almost candy like scent) on all nails, Revlon in Red Hot Tamale x1 coat for nail art, Colours Nail Enamel in Red x 1 coat for nail art, Colours Xtreme Nail Colour in Jungle Fever x1 coat for nail art, Revlon in Garden x1 coat for nail art and Revlon Nail Care ColorStay Gold Standard Top Coat as a top coat. 

You will need
  • Base coat nail polish
  • Base colour coat nail polish (I chose a muted nude peach colour)
  • 2 nail polish colours for the rose petals design (I chose red & a lighter coral-red colour. If you don’t have two shades from the same colour family, you can use red/pink and then use a white nail polish as a substitute to contrast)
  • 2 nail polish colours for the rose leaf design (I chose a dark green & a light green…if you only have one green nail polish, it will suffice)
  • Toothpicks
  • Earbuds
  • Top coat nail polish

1) Apply base coat nail polish to nails, wait for it to dry completely 

2) Apply base colour coats to all nails, wait for it to dry completely 

3) Start working on the rose designs by pouring a small pool of light coral-red nail polish on a scrap piece of paper, dip one end of the earbud into the pool of coral-red nail polish and dot the colour onto the piece of paper…you want to get rid of any excess nail polish first. Now, dot the nail polish onto your index finger nails in a haphazard design. You want to place dots all over your index finger nails so that the rose design will cover the entire index finger nails


4) Dot the coral-red nail polish using the earbud onto the french tips of all other nails…about 3 rose designs can fit per french tip per nail 

5) The rose petal design can be done in 4 simple steps 


6) To add depth and create the illusion of a rose design, you will need to add a darker (or lighter) colour of nail polish onto the big rose dot on the nails. This will help create the rose design. Pour a small pool of red nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper and dip a toothpick into the pool of red nail polish. Carefully draw two interlocking C’s in the middle of the big rose dots 

7) Now add two bigger C’s on opposite sides of each big rose dot. You are creating the illusion of the petals of the rose from an aerial view


8) Continue step 6-7 on all nails by completing the petal design on all the big rose dots, all that is left to do now is the leaf designs 

9) Pour a small pool of dark green nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper and dip a toothpick into the nail polish, drag the toothpick from the edge of the rose design outwards into the shape of a small triangle. Two triangle leaves must be drawn on either side of each rose design and these small triangles must be drawn so that they are touching each rose design. This will ensure that it looks like the leaves are coming out from the rose


10) Complete step 9 on all nails ensuring that all rose designs have leaves 

11) To add detail and depth to the leaves, pour a small pool of light green nail polish on a scrap piece of paper and dip a toothpick into the nail polish. Dot and drag a small amount of light green nail polish in a line in the middle of all the dark green leaves. This adds depth to the leaves 


12) Wait for all nail art to dry and apply top coat 

13) I know, be stunned that the nail art you were busy doing all along, that you thought just looked like random splodges now actually looks like intricately drawn roses! Totally be on trend with your floral manicure! :)


What's your favourite trend at the moment? 
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  1. These are so cute! I'm definitely pinning them!

  2. Thanks so much Evani! Aww! Go ahead and pin like crazy, I don't mind at all! :P Congrats on the engagement! Such awesome news! :)

  3. I love the roses as a french tips. I'll never be able to get them that neat and detailed! I don't have a favourite trend at the moment though.


    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Odette! Don't lose faith I am sure you will be able to get the rose french tips to your liking, practice makes perfect! :)

  4. Amazing!! Love this tutorial - thanks, will try it out sometime soon!

    1. Thanks so much Madison! Do try it out and let me know how it goes! :)