Monday, 28 May 2012

Mani Monday: Caviar for Nails!

No I haven’t gone batty this is what I’m talking about…ta-da!!!

I’ve seen these caviar manicures around on the blogosphere and when I stumbled across these caviar beads recently, I knew I had to have them and that this fire engine red caviar manicure was in my very near future! It is very apparent that I am clearly a fan of the accent nail and utilised this technique when doing my caviar manicure. I find the caviar effect stands out much more amongst the other plain red nails. 

This is how you too can be sporting some caviar nails:

You will need:
  • Your pretty set of hands
  • Base colour nail polish, I chose red
  • Caviar micro beads (tiny crafty beads work as well)
  • Some paper, a bowl or a small container

1) Paint your nails with your chosen base colour nail polish, wait for it to dry completely

2) Open your bottle of beads so that you can work quickly at the next stage

3) Apply a second coat of your chosen base colour nail polish

4) While the second coat of base colour polish is still wet, sprinkle the beads onto the wet nail (if doing more than one nail, it’s advisable to do one nail at a time)…use a piece of paper, bowl or small container under your nail to catch wayward caviar beads…work quickly here as the caviar beads will not stick to your nail once the nail polish is dry

5) Gently press the caviar beads into your nail…so as to leave one even layer of beads and this also prevent the beads from clumping on top of each other

6) If you chose to do one more than nail, repeat step 3-5 until all nails are done

7) DO NOT apply a top coat…it will strip the caviar beads of all their colour and you will be left with plain silver beads…and then you will have to start all over again…not that I would know or anything >cough, cough<  :)

8) Wait for about a good half an hour for the beads to set properly 

9) Collect all your leftover caviar beads for your next caviar mani

10) Admire your awesome handiwork, champagne wishes & caviar dreams coming right up!

There’s such a variety of ways to do a caviar manicure what with the many colours of caviar beads and endless shades of gorgeous nail polish, do share some your creativity!  

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