Monday, 21 May 2012

Mani Monday: Lady in Coral

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Today I wanted to savour the last few sunny and bright days before winter starts to set in…yep a South African winter can be pretty harsh what with it’s 20°C lows (haha)! I decided to go with coral nails (always makes me think of summer), with silver tips to jazz things up a bit and to accent the ring fingers, cute little hearts! Inspired by the classic french manicure! This is the beauteous summery result: 

If that doesn’t scream the last goodbyes of SUMMER…I don’t know what does!

Let’s get cracking on how you too can get pretty in coral! You can edit these colours to suit your preferences.

You will need:
  • Your pretty set of hands
  • Base coast & Top coat nail polish
  • Your chosen base colour nail polish
  • Your chosen french tip colour nail polish
  • Sticky tape
  • An orangewood stick


1) Paint nails in desired base coat, wait for base coat to dry completely

2) Paint nails with your chosen coralicious colour, wait for your coloured polish to dry completely

3) Next to get the silver tips…I like to use sticky tape to cover my nail to get the desired width of the painted tip…you can play with it and adjust to suit what width of french tip you like. Plus the sticky tape protects your entire nail from wayward polish or a shaky left hand application AND it’s super economical…you don’t have to worry about scrunching it up and throwing it away if you messed it up while applying the tape to your nail! (You are welcome to use the store bought french manicure white strips as well, do what works for you!)

4) Once you have stuck on the sticky tape on all fingers, whip out your chosen tip colour, I used silver, and paint all your tips…don’t worry if you don’t keep the line perfectly…that’s what the sticky tape is for…it acts as a corrector and will keep your tips straight

5) Wait for tips to dry completely then carefully remove the sticky tape

6) If you fancy sporting an accent finger with little hearts, then take your chosen coloured polish…I used the silver I used for the french tips, pour a small amount of the polish onto a scrap piece of paper nearby at the ready for the next few steps

7) To make the heart shape on your nail, it’s preferable to use the sharp side of an orangewood stick and place 3 dots strategically on your nail tracing a heart, 2 dots at the top and 1 at the bottom, see below

8) You then take the sharp side of the orangewood stick and drag all 3 dots into the middle until they join and the dots should now resemble a cute little heart

9) Admire your pretty nail art hearts, look at you go!

10) Apply your chosen top coat

11) Run around in winter with awesome sauce summery nails

There’s a million ways to showcase your pretty nails with these techniques, do share some of your ideas, I would love to oooh and ahhh over them :) This lady in coral, bids you adieu !

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  1. Oh soo cute ren!! Love the colours on your lovely tiny nails :) but tell me how did you get the little curled in side on the silver part? MIne always seems to come out straight and ugly....

  2. Mishypoop! Hahaha don't mock the tiny miracle nails! :P Use sticky tape that's the key...'cos then you just easily manipulate the tape to sit in the position you will follow the natural curve of your nail easily! Hope that helps, lemme know ?! xoxo

  3. Haha South African Winter :P Puhlease, come to Jozi then you'll know what cold is XD XD

  4. Haha I know right Zaa, SO glad our 'winters' down here on the east coast are so mild compared! I would turn into an icicle in Jozie!