Monday, 14 May 2012

Mani Monday: Mondays = Vodka & Newspaper…

Manic Mondays, if that’s not an excuse for vodka…I don’t know what is!!! Well, I am not talking about knocking back a few before noon my lovelies but rather these awesome newspaper nails I’ve seen trending recently. I thought today was the perfect time to introduce Mani Mondays! Everyone needs a bit of sunshine, excitement and beauty on a Manic Monday…so stay tuned every Monday for my new set of nails! Hope you will try them out and pass on your manicure ideas too!

I took a different twist on this trend, I’ve seen the newspaper look done on all fingers…I thought that might be a tad much for me and wanted to mix things up a bit. I decided to showcase the ring fingers on both hands with the newspaper effect and have the others painted in classic black! Go crazy kids, there’s whole variety of ways you can showcase this look!

You will need:
  • Your pretty set of hands 
  • 1 shot glass
  • Vodka/rubbing alcohol/almond essence
  • Base coast & Top coat nail polish
  • Neutral coloured nail polish (white works best)
  • Strips of newspaper


1) Paint your nail/s with your chosen base coat and 2 coats of your neutral coloured nail polish

2) Wait for nails to dry completely

3) Pour your nails a shot of vodka!

4) Dip each finger you want to do the newspaper effect on into the vodka for 10-15 seconds…have your strips of newspaper at the ready nearby…(yeah check out the specials in South Africa while you at it…I had to protect the oak dining room table ok…don’t judge…I do not want to explain splotches of nail polish to my mum!)

5) Remove your finger from the vodka and quickly apply the strip of newspaper to said finger and press down holding the newspaper strip in place for about 30 seconds…do not move it around…and it’s best to do one finger at a time

6) Remove the strip gently from your finger slowly…rolling your finger while you do this helps…and repeat till all your nails are covered with the latest news

7) Paint on a top coat, this will keep your newspaper effect in tact

8) Admire your beautiful nails…yeah they bring all the boys to your yard!

The finished product:

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  1. OMGGGG! That is so much fun, can't wait to have cute nails like yours :) P.S miss your Pinky babe!

  2. Take a quick flight across the world to come visit me Nuks, vodka and mani's ... done and done! :) xoxox