Monday, 13 August 2012

Mani Monday: Touch the Sky Mani

Good day you beautiful beings!

Today I decided to tackle a mani I’ve seen around that really packs a cute punch! The cloud mani, which I like to call the Touch the Sky Mani. Totally got me jamming to some Kanye West right there! 


I used x1 coat Sally Hansen Instant Strength as a base coat, x2 coats of Essence Nude Glam in Hazelnut Cream Pie (I love this muted nude colour, so chic!) as a base colour and x1 coat as a cloud detail on the accent finger, x1 coat of Warm Heart Nail Polish in Colour 2112 (I’m not sure on the stockist details, it was gifted to me…thanks bestie! ), x1 coat of Rimmel 60 Seconds in Coralicious for the cloud detail and x2 coats as a base colour coat on the accent finger, x1 coat of Colours Nail Enamel in Creammoss and x1 coat of Sally Hansen Instant Strength as a top coat.To get this gorge mani, just read on!

You will need:
  • Base coat nail polish
  • Base colour nail polish (I used nude and coral pink for the accent nail)
  • Two coloured nail polishes for the cloud detail, I chose neon yellow and a coral pink and turquoise for the accent nail…the second cloud detail looks orange however it is coral pink nail polish. The colour looks distorted somewhat because it’s been painted on a neon yellow base haha and we all know what happens when you start mixing colours…you might just end up with purple unintentionally :P
  • Top coat nail polish

1) Paint nails with base coat nail polish, wait for nails to dry completely

2) Apply base colour nail polish to nails as well as painting the accent finger in your chosen base colour, wait for it to dry completely, apply second coat if need be


3) Now get ready to apply your chosen cloud colours of nail polish to your nails, you can practise on a nearby piece of paper, you apply the cloud on your nails in 3 stripes/strokes of nail polish. In order to get the rounded tip of the clouds on your nails you will simply take the brush of your nail polish and hold it against your nail just 1/3 of the way on your nail…and let the brush sit on your nail for a few seconds allowing the nail polish to pool a little bit on your nail then drag the brush off your nail as if painting your nails normally…and you should be left with a rounded tip of your cloud. 


4) Now you will paint on the second stripe for your cloud…place the nail polish brush a little bit higher than the last time…so you are creating the different heights of the cloud…if you find your brush tip too thick and difficult to get the rounded tip of the cloud…try turning your brush on its side and using the skinnier side of the nail polish brush…I found this helped me with my application. You’ve just completed the second stripe for your cloud now

DSC09463 - Copy

5) You will now have only one more stripe left to apply for the cloud to be completed, you now place the nail polish brush a little higher than where you started the second stripe so now you see the tips of the cloud are in ascending order of height. Apply the third stripe as described above…and make sure there is no gaping spots where the coloured base nail polish is peeping through fill in any gaps

6) Repeat steps 3-5 on all nails, and alternate the colours for the accent nail

7) Now, once you have the first cloud design done on all your nails, and once that nail polish has dried completely, you are now at a stage where you can apply the second cloud design over the first one. This will allow the first colour to peek through a little in between

8) To achieve this, you will repeat steps 3-5, however this time when you are starting the tip of the cloud and figuring out where to place your brush, you need to start the tips of the cloud a little below where the first cloud design is…so that in effect you are leaving a little bit of the first cloud colour peeking through and then you see the second cloud colour. Repeat steps 3-5 until all nails are completed. You can even add more cloud layers if you like…you just keep repeating steps 3-5 ensuring to leave the little space of colour peeking through before you start the next cloud design


9) Once nails are completely dry, apply top coat

10) Be totally stoked with this Touch the Sky mani, this is quite a good beginner nail art mani to do as its easy to do with a little practice on paper and it looks like a whole lot of work went into these awesome nails!

11) Totally jam to some Kanye West, Touch the Sky on your iPod, 'Gotta testify, come up in the spot lookin' extra fly 'Fore the day I die, I'ma touch the sky...Now let's take 'em high...Top of the world baby, on top of the world'! That music video just kills me everytime, I love it! I giggle everytime at Tracee Ellis Ross’s role!

What’s your favourite music video ?

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  1. Ok the nails are looking fabulous, this video i have not yet seen! Omg! Love Kanye also so must see it asap! Hahah good rapping you have going on here. ;)

  2. Sonal! Hahaha I wish I could actually rap...I'm dismal in real life haha but hey I'll take it...guess you can get away with anything in the written word haha! That Kanye track is a bit of an oldie now but still a goodie, lemme know what you think of the video! Xxx