Monday, 18 March 2013

Mani Monday: St.Paddy’s Day Mani

 G’day beauties! Of course I had to honour St. Paddy’s day with a festive mani! I decided to let shamrocks run around on my nails :)


I highlighted two accent nails with big shamrock designs coupled with shamrock french tips on the rest of the nails. I used Revlon Nail Care Calcium Gel Nail Hardener as a basecoat, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails  Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in Emerald City x2 coats (it has excellent opacity), Revlon in Garden x1 coat for nail art, and Revlon Nail Care ColorStay Gold Standard Top Coat as a top coat. 

You will need:
  • Base coat nail polish
  • Base colour coat nail polish (I chose dark green)
  • Coloured Nail polish for shamrock nail art (I chose light green)
  • Earbuds
  • Toothpicks
  • Top coat nail polish

1) Apply base coat nail polish to all nails, wait for it to dry completely  

2) Apply base colour coat nail polish to all nails and wait for it to dry completely 

3) Start working on the shamrock nail art on the accent nails (index and ring fingers), pour a small pool of light green nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper. Dip the end of an earbud into the nail polish and apply one dot of nail polish onto the bottom part of your nail. Next, place a second dot of nail polish right next to the first dot, ensure that the dots are touching each other. You will now place your third and final dot of nail polish at the top of both previous dots…as if completing a triangle shape. Now to draw on the stem of the shamrock, dip a toothpick into the pool of light green nail polish and carefully pull and draw a small stem on the shamrock…imagine you are drawing an upside triangle and you will draw the shape on correctly. Complete this step on both index finger nails and ring finger nails


4) The same principle as in step 3 applies to doing the shamrock french tips, except instead of using an earbud to create the design you will use a toothpick. Dip a toothpick into the light green nail polish and place 3 dots in a triangle shape ensuring that all dots are touching and carefully draw on an upside triangle at the bottom of the shamrock to act as the stem. Place the shamrock design at the tips of your nails…draw each shamrock next to each other and continue applying the design to all french tips. Complete this step on all nails


5) Wait for all nail art to dry completely and then apply top coat nail polish

6) Go out with your St.Paddy’s day mani and have a pint of Guinness to celebrate this holiday!


Cheese, a pic from my travels! Posing with a festive leprechaun while travelling through Dublin, Ireland
Did you celebrate St.Paddy’s day, if so how ? What’s your favourite holiday manicure ?

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